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Intraopertive High Flow Oxygen Therapy in Bariatric Surgery: a New Hope.

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Obesity increases the risk of a difficult airway during induction, because of an altered upper airway anatomy. Administering high-flow oxygen therapy during pre-oxygenation and continued during apnea can prevent hypoxia before and during intubation, increasing patient safety. We wanted to verify how apnea ventilation with high-flow therapy means an increase in patient safety, preventing desaturation and giving time to the anesthesiologist in the case of adverse events during intubation.

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Palabras clave Bariatric Surgery, apneic, high flow, THRIVE
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Observaciones HFNC prolongs the time to desaturation and would be a more than reasonable option for patients with a difficult airway, increasing patient safety during the critical period of anesthetic induction and eduction. Future studies with larger samples would be necessary.
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